The Burnt Palace of Tula: A stratigraphic evaluation

The objective of these works was to explore the correlation that could exist between the tradition stated in historical documents and the archaeological ruins located outside the community of Tula de Allende in the state of Hidalgo, known by the inhabitants as El Cerro del Tesoro [The Hill of Treasure], a hobby consisting in the search for objects with ancestral roots.

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Shaping life: delights and misfortunes of female workers at cigarette factories in Porfirian times

This article is a first approach to the life and working conditions of the cigarette industry female workers in Mexico City during the last quarter of the XIX century.

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The study of intermediaries and the sociocultural dimension in the agricultural labor market

This work maintains that the presence of traditional labor intermediaries in the structuring and performance of certain rural labor markets creates interaction fields marked by processes of social mediation that favor their performance as cultural intermediaries in said contexts.

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Debate. Three ethnographic texts about the Guatemalan Indigenous woman

The anthropological study of gender and of women has been greatly developed since the publication of the book Woman, Culture and Society (1974), which contains, among its magnificent essays, that of Lois Paul, “The Mastery of Work and the Mystery of Sex in a Guatemalan Village”, where we are offered a fairly expressive description of the Mayan women of Zutuhíl language from San Pedro de la Laguna.

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Marie-Odille Marion, Entre anhelos y recuerdos, [Between yearnings and memories]. México: Plaza-Valdés, 1997.

For decades, folklore specialists, ethnography of communication, verbal interaction and anthropology have shown the leading role of narration in the reconstruction and critical explanation of the past, as well as in the construction of the narrating-I, its identity, its beliefs and arguments.

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Leticia Mayer Celis, Entre el infierno de una realidad y el cielo de un imaginario. Estadística y comunidad científica en el México de la primera mitad del siglo XIX [Between the hell of a reality and the heaven of an imaginary. Statistics and scientific community in Mexico during the first half of the XIX century], Mexico, El Colegio de México, 1999,188 pp.

This is a book that could initially seem tedious because of the subjects it discusses; but it is exactly the opposite. Its reading is quite pleasant and enlightening. Mayer proposes a new view on the history of statistics in Mexico.

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Druzo Maldonado Jiménez, Deidades y espacio ritual en Cuauhnáhuac y Huaxtepec. Tlalhuicas y xochimilcas de Morelos (siglos XII-XVI), [Deities and ritual space in Cuauhnáhuac and Huaxtepec. Tlalhuica and Xochimilca of Morelos (XII-XVI centuries] Mexico, UNAM-IIA, 2000, 267 pp.

This book is the result of the author’s concern to extend the study of the main groups that in pre-Hispanic times, particularly immediately before the Conquest, inhabited most of the territory which nowadays conforms the state of Morelos. In this … [Texto completo]